Snapdragon 840/845 processor to launch in Q4 2017?

There is a latest rumor coming out of China, that reveals that Qualcomm has already planned for the next generation of chip, which could could be its Snapdragon 840 processor. Or Snapdragon 845, as its been dubbed as simply 84x in the leak. In fact, the rumor also bring us a release date, tentatively set for Q4 2017.

The rumor further states that its single core score at Geekbench benchmarking app would range between 2900-3100, but will be more dependent on the frequency it’s being run at. The Snapdragon 84x chip will be an octa-core one, so in case some of you were hoping for a deca-core processor from Qualcomm, you got to wait for now.

If you ask us, we feel all Qualcomm could do by this year’s end is announce the next-gen chip, even without naming it already, but yes, rumors could flying high about the Snapdragon 840, or 845, just like back in December we had several spotting of Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Qualcomm is yet to release its SD835 chipset, and there are reports of its delay which are causing several OEMs to push release of their devices with SD835 on-board. Xiaomi, for one, is looking to release a separate variant of its Mi6 on time with a different processor, which will be followed by the SD835 variant when the same is available. Take a look at Snapdragon 835 phones here, meanwhile.


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