Snapchat update introduces voice filters, backdrops and link support

After introducing Snap Map and custom geo filters last month, Snapchat has rolled out a new update that introduces new and exciting features.

The new update with version number 10.12.0 brings voice filters, backdrops, and link support. Let’s start with voice filters.

Snapchat now lets you change your voice with voice filters. The new feature is available under the sound option when you capture a video. Currently, the app supports four voice filters. To use it, capture the video and tap the sound icon present at the bottom left corner. Then select the voice filter that you want to use.

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Besides voice filters, the update introduces backdrops. The backdrop feature adds a different funky background (or should we say foreground) to your snaps. You can remove any area of the backdrop to make a certain portion of the pic clearly visible. The backdrop option is present under the new icon inside the Scissor tool.

Lastly, the update brings support for links. Now you can add links to your snaps. To do so, capture the snap and tap the new Paperclip icon present above the timer. To view links from other’s snaps, swipe up on their snaps.

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That’s all for this Snapchat update. Now let’s wait for Instagram to introduce all these features in their next update.

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