Single-SIM variant of Moto E3 (or Moto A) spotted at FCC

A new Lenovo device has been spotted at the FCC today bearing model no. A2016B31, which makes us believe it’s a variant of another Lenovo device that leaked few days ago, model no. A2016B30. It’s reported that the device is either a Moto E in its 3rd Gen, or an altogether new series starter, the Moto A.

The FCC docs also show what’s changed between A2016B30 and A2016B31. The former is a dual-SIM supporting device, while the latter is its single SIM variant. Yes, the ‘1’ at the end denotes single SIM, as the regular models will be dual-SIM. Samsung has long used ‘2’ as the last no. in model no. to denote dual-SIM variant of its Galaxy devices.

moto a lenovo

Further, the software in use right now for testing the device is reportedly a different one too — from A2016b30_ENG_S109_1606011240_MP3V1_8G_LATAM earlier, to the one meant for single-SIM, A2016b31_S_ENG_S107_160617_MP3V1_8G_LATAM.

The software’s version speaks it aloud that whatever this device is — Moto E3 or Moto A — it’s an 8GB variant.

And we’re sure it’s a Motorola device, because the docs list the manufacturer as Motorola Mobility Inc despite Lenovo doing the compliance and testing part.

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  1. Update…the device is Lenovo vibe b a2016b30 dual sim 4g smartphone with Android 6.

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