YouTube Music: How to Disable Liked Videos From YouTube in ‘Your Likes’ Playlist

Google has been pushing YouTube Music to the general public for quite some time now. The service still offers an introductory period to most users where you can avail YouTube Music for a full month absolutely for free. If you have been using YouTube Music for some time now, then you might have realized that music suggestions are based on your past liked videos in the normal YouTube app.

This can turn out to be unfavorable sometimes as YouTube tends to classify some normal videos as music as well. Additionally, if it has been marked as music by the publisher then it could influence your YouTube music suggestions in a negative way. YouTube has introduced a way to filter out these suggestions with their latest update to YouTube music. Let’s take a quick look at it.

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What is the new Filter Suggestions feature in YouTube music?

The new filter suggestions feature in YouTube allows you to either enable or disable suggestions based on your watch history and likes in the normal YouTube app. This feature has been introduced after non relevant suggestions were being shown to users depending on their liked music in the normal YouTube app. The YouTube algorithm tends to sometimes identify videos with some music as general music.

tThis ends up altering your search suggestions which can get quite randomized and stray away from your original choices. To curb down on this loss, YouTube now gives you the ability to show you music based on likes from YouTube music only or based on likes from all YouTube products. Let’s take a look at how you can enable this new feature in YouTube.

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How to remove suggestions in YouTube music based on what you liked in the main YouTube app

Simply follow the guide below to easily filter your suggestions in YouTube Music.

Things you will need

  • The latest version of the YouTube Music app
    • iOS Version: v3.90
    • Android Version: v3.90.50

Procedure (Android & iOS)

Open the YouTube music app and tap on your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen.

Now tap and select ‘Settings’.

Tap on ‘Playback and restrictions’.

Disable the toggle for ‘Show your liked music from YouTube’.

And that’s it! Your liked videos will now be filtered out from the YouTube Music app and only songs liked within the app will show up in your likes list. Additionally, this will also alter your suggestions and Youtube music will now suggest new music based on liked songs within the app itself.

Note: This change could take a few seconds depending on your network speed and device memory. 

We hope this guide helped you easily filter your suggestions and liked videos within YouTube music. If you have any more questions for us or face any issues, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below. 

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