How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free on Android

What to know

  • You can get YouTube Music Premium for free on Android via the ReVanced app.
  • Install the ReVanced app, then download the recommended YouTube Music apk and patch it.
  • Install microG Services and log into your Google account. You will now be able to use YouTube Music Premium for free.

For those without a premium membership, listening to music on YouTube Music is like stepping on an advertisement mine. If YouTube’s experiments with pause ads are anything to go by, you could soon see more ads not only on YouTube but also on YouTube Music. Fortunately for the free user, there are ways to guard against such corporate bullying without giving up your library. Here’s how you can get YouTube Music Premium for free on Android.    

How to get YouTube Music Premium for free on Android

To get YouTube Music premium without succumbing to Google’s strategies, you’ll need to abandon the official YouTube app in favor of a patched version of it. Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: Install ReVanced app and patch

  1. Use the link above and download the apk file for the Revanced app. Once downloaded, open the apk file.
  2. Tap Install and Open.
  3. Give the permissions and download the necessary files.

Step 2: Download, Install, and Patch YouTube Music apk

  1. Tap on Patcher and then on Select an app.
  2. Under “YouTube Music” tap on Suggested: Any version. This will open Google search results. Tap on the APKMirror site.
  3. Under “All versions”, tap on the download button next to the latest YouTube Music version. Then tap on the button next to the latest variant (with nodpi).
  4. Tap Download APK and tap Download anyway when prompted.
  5. Once downloaded, return to the ReVanced app and tap Storage. Then select the downloaded apk.
  6. Tap Patch and wait for it to execute.
  7. Once patched, tap on Install. Tap Install again when prompted.
  8. Once installed, tap Open. 

Step 3: Install microG Services

When you first open the patched YouTube Music app, you’ll be greeted with the message “MicroG GmsCore is not installed”. This is fine, since it wants us to install microG services (which we need to log into our Google account), and also redirects to its github page. 

  1. On the GmsCore GitHub page, select Download under “Default”. Once downloaded, open the apk file.
  2. Tap Install and tap Open.

Step 4: Log into microG 

  1. On the microG Settings page, tap on Google Accounts and select Add Google account.
  2. Tap on Sign in and log in with your Google email and password.
  3. Tap I agree and confirm the login. 

Step 5: Confirm patch

  1. Now open the YouTube app again and press Continue when asked to disable battery optimizations for MicroG. Also Allow the app to run in background.
  2. Now, to confirm if everything is working fine, tap on your profile icon. You should not see any advertisements for YouTube Music Premium.

FIX: YouTube Music is not patched

You can tell whether or not you have YouTube Music Premium as soon as you open the app. If you get a “Try YouTUbe Music Premium” advertisement, you don’t have YouTube Music premium. The most likely issue for this is the YouTube Music apk downloaded earlier.

To fix this, uninstall this version of YouTube Music. Then repeat the steps as given above. Once you’re on the APKMirror page, choose a variant different from what you downloaded earlier. For instance, the version 6.49.53 did not work for us. But the one below it did. So, if you don’t get it the first time, try the whole process again with a different YouTube Music apk file. 

If that too fails, download and install a different variant of the microG Services apk as well, other than the default one mentioned in the guide above.   


Let’s consider a few commonly asked questions about getting YouTube Music Premium for free on Android?

How to get YouTube Premium for free on Android?

You can get YouTube Premium for free the same way you can YouTube Music Premium. Refer to our guide on getting YouTube Premium for free.

Is there a way to get Spotify Premium for free?

Yes, you can get Spotify Premium for free as well, but not via the ReVanced app. Refer to our guide on getting Spotify Premium for free

Google’s policy of forcing ever more ads down the throat in order to push users toward ever higher Premium prices has never failed to disappoint. But thanks to the team behind ReVanced, you don’t have to give in. We hope this guide helped you get YouTube Music Premium for free. Until next time!  

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