Sense 4.0 for Nexus S 4G: Would You Believe Alpha is Already out?

Now this is one sweet piece of news right here. If you’re a HTC user, you are obviously familiar with its awesome Sense UI. HTC Sense is one of the best proprietary UI’s we have come across over the last couple of years. All the new HTC phones that are expected to be released this year, including the HTC One S and the HTC One X, which are expected to be announced at MWC later this month, are to feature the latest version of the Sense UI, Sense 4.0 running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Though the current crop of high-end HTC devices have received an unofficial upgrade to ICS via custom ROMs and courtesy of some suspiciously leaked firmwares from HTC, the highest version of HTC Sense we have seen so far is Sense 3.6, here and here.

XDA member swamp goblin seems to have managed to port Sense 4.0 from the leaked RUU of the HTC Endeavor, which we think will rebrand as HTC One X, to the Nexus S 4G. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that Sense 4.0 is not available, officially or otherwise, even for HTC devices as yet, and here it is, in a pre-Alpha stage, getting ported out to the Samsung Nexus S.

The build that has been ported is meant for a 720p resolution device, which the Nexus S is not. This means that almost every app, and aspect of the UI needs to be resized to the right resolution. At this point, hardly anything works, although the dev has been able to get the ROM to boot up, which sounds promising & the camera app to open up – but it causes a forced reboot. He has also managed to receive a couple of calls, despite a No Service indication, and calls cause the ROM to reboot. But then, it would be too much to expect a lot of working stuff in a pre-Alpha build, that too a path-breaking one like this.There is no download link put up as yet, as the developer wants to get it a bit more stable before folks go flash-happy.

So stay tuned, and we’ll let you know once there is some progress on this ROM. You can also visit the official development page here to check progress status, and other details. If you think this is a great development milestone, and want to share your opinion, sound it off in comments below.