Send Free SMS Worldwide With N3tSMS Android App

Have you got a lot of friends, including friends in other countries, that you send a lot of messages and texts to? Then the app N3tSMS is something that you will love, as it allows you to send free SMS all over the world, using web text services such as Three, O2, Mjoy, SMS440, or eMobile.

The only thing you need to do is have an account with one of the free web text services N3tSMS supports, add the login details in N3tSMS, then just add your messages, add the phone number you want to send an SMS to (along with the international code), select the service you want to use, then click the send button to send that SMS for free.

N3tSMS is basically an app that removes the need to log on to a web browser to use one of the free SMS sending websites by letting you use those services from within the app from the comfort of your Android device. Hit the link below to download and install N3tSMS on your Android device, and start sending some SMS for free!

Download N3tSMS