Samsung’s upcoming Gear VR will have pixel density of 2000ppi

While OLED displays for smartphones and TVs are shunned now, there is one area in the tech department that favors OLED display over others.

We are talking about the Virtual Reality (VR), which is considered as one of the significant part of the fourth Industrial Revolution. OLED display panels are faster and have a rich sense of immersion, which makes them perfect for VR.

As per a recent report, Samsung is working on a new Gear VR that will have its own OLED display. What it means is, you would not have to insert your Galaxy smartphone in the VR, but the new VR with the built-in OLED display can be used as an independent device on a natural screen.

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Not only that, the report also suggests that the ‘next generation Gear VR ‘ will have a pixel density of 2000ppi, which is much much greater than current VRs.

If we compare, the current top VR headset, Oculus Rift has a pixel density of mere 460ppi, while the recently launched Galaxy S8 and S8+ have 570 and 529 ppi, respectively.

Sadly, currently, we don’t have any information regarding when Samsung is planning to announce the new Gear VR. However, it could be released alongside Galaxy S9, next year.

Source: Android Authority