Pic Leaked of Samsung Within, the Galaxy S 2 for Sprint. The Mega-Launch is Near!

Sprint users who were not impressed by the EVO 3D and didn’t make a hasty decision to tie a contract for it, will be most glad to know that Sprint’s own version of mighty Galaxy S 2 has just got a photo leaked on internet (the image above), which means that the device is real and is coming definitely soon — that is, sooner than earlier when it was only in rumors. But we do expect and hope that it’s coming in few weeks. It’s about time the world’s best android phone gave U.S. users a taste if why Apple fears it most (you know about the Apple and Samsung’s dreadful courtroom battle right?).

The phone has the textures on its plastic back, typical sign of Galaxy S devices that is found on Galaxy S 2 too, and sports an 8 megapixel camera with LED in a slightly changed layout — the S2’s international version GT-i9100 has the camera and LED side by side while this one puts the LED below the camera, thus forming a portrait and rounded box against S2’s horizontal edgy rectangle. Other than that, the corners appear more rounded than what we have on i9100 — but we think Sprint’s push for change stops there. So, nothing ground-breaking for a change but yes, we’re even more hungry hear about all the specs of this phone and its codename, too.

Rumors have it that it will be known as Sprint’s Samsung Within — which isn’t the most strange name we get to hear but what we wanted from the leak mill was some more pics, not only the back, you know. This is a major release at Sprint considering how much a Macho status Galaxy S 2 has achieved ever since it was launched in Europe, Asia and other markets. We’re a fan of this beast too, which performs more than you expected of it anytime.

To add more juice to the leak, it’s said to be running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, the latest android OS version phones can get. Well, this isn’t a big surprise since Android 2.3.4 has already leaked on the Internet as XXKG1 for Galaxy S 2 but what’s so good with the 2.3.4 is Google Chat with Video support.

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