Samsung will force you to download updates after postponing for a maximum of 10 times

Once a smartphone hits the market, software updates are the only way the company can tweak the experience of the device. While updates are great, sometimes they might find you off-guard, that is, without enough mobile data or no immediate access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Usually, in such cases, Samsung allows users of its Galaxy phones to postpone installing the update to a later time, perhaps when they’ll have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Until now, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users could postpone installing the updates for as long as they could, but this is no more. Apparently, Samsung won’t let you defer software updates more than 10 times.

It’s a smart and strange decision at the same time. It’s smart in the sense that Samsung will have all of its devices updated with the latest software at any given moment. As for being strange, some people intentionally delay downloading updates so as to see what issues early adopters are going through, after which they can decide on whether to update or not.

It’s because of the latter reason that you’ll find a good number of Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 and S7 users who are still on Nougat today, yet Oreo has been available for these devices for quite some time now.

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  1. My Samsung Galaxy 7 has been forced to a Galaxy 9 OS before I caught on to what was happening. I put it on Manual updates & locked my screen. Now every 6 hours, YES every 6 hours day & night Samsung sends a software update chime that I cant stop on my phone.

    These A.H. Does Apple do this too? I never want another Samsung, think Blackberry may be my next choice for a business phone. I dont use Samsung Pay nor None of those stupid games either. I only have 32 GB on this phone if they keep forcing updates my phone will slow down & in turn force me to buy another one. Not doing it… will chose another brand first; had I known this I NEVER would have bought one!!!

    One update can change you whole home screen, Group all your Verizon apps in one pod, Goup all your Samsung apps in another Place all the Google apps in another place. Give the Samsung apps first priority on the little bit of screen that you have & force you to change how you learned to use the phone, even Factory Reset wont save you from some of these changes… “yeeeech” Samsung have a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. I agree! I used to love Samsung’s phones, but over the years I’ve been so irritated by these damn things that I wouldn’t even think about buying one personally. My company issues them to me so luckily I didn’t waste any of my own money but it’s still a nuisance to use! Samsung has really fell off and I’m on my way to boycotting them now.

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