Samsung Turkey confirms Oreo rollout scheduled for January 2018

In September, when news broke out that OnePlus has started testing Android Oreo for a select few users, it was only a matter of a day when another news broke out that even Samsung is working on Android Oreo update for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Announced in August, the latest version of Android known as Android Oreo is available only on select few handsets such as Pixel, supported Nexus devices and the recently launched Sony Xperia XZ1. Of course, there is more device on that list now, the XZ Premium, for which Sony released 8.0 today only.

In the past few months, multiple reports have suggested that Samsung is working on S8 Oreo update — and they should, since the other new OEMs like OnePlus and Nokia are also pretty keen on sending Oreo update to their handsets. Up until now, Samsung didn’t reveal much about the release date of Android Oreo, however, Samsung has finally stepped ahead and spoken about Oreo.

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Samsung Turkey has confirmed that it will start the Android Oreo rollout in January 2018. While they haven’t mentioned the device name specifically, it’s almost a given that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ would be the first devices to receive Android Oreo followed by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and other handsets.

We know January release for Samsung 8.0 update is pretty far. but we won’t be surprised to see Samsung begin their Oreo beta program sometime by November-end or early-December.

Talking about Android Oreo, it will bring new and exciting features to Samsung Galaxy devices such as predictive text selections, picture in picture mode, night mode, Autofill for apps, better battery and RAM management.

While there is no doubt that premium devices like Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S7 will receive Android Oreo, even the selected recent releases in the Korean giant’s mid-range series like J, A and C series will be bestowed by Android Oreo. However, unlike Samsung S8 and Galaxy Note 8 that will get Oreo update in Q1 2018, J, A and C series users would have to wait until Q3 2018 to taste Android Oreo.

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Meanwhile, OnePlus recently released a beta build of Oreo update for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T users. Yes, you read that right. OnePlus released the beta build for a one-year-old device and not for the latest model, which is good and speaks high of OnePlus and clearly shows that OnePlus hasn’t forgotten the older devices.

Even HMD owned Nokia is in the final stages of testing Android Oreo for its flagship device, Nokia 8. According to the reports, Nokia could release Oreo update by mid-November for Nokia 8. Interestingly, Nokia has also confirmed that all the Nokia devices launched this year will receive Android Oreo.