Samsung to setup Galaxy S8 experience event at 3000 stores in South Korea

When a top of the top OEM like Samsung resorts to marketing strategies aimed at gaining consumer trust, it is a warning bell for other smartphone manufacturers riding high on success. Yet, on hindsight, Samsung has all the reasons to resort to such marketing gimmicks, keeping the Note 7 fiasco in mind. With the release of its 2017 flagship device, the Galaxy S8, just round the corner, Samsung is keen to do all it can to bring back the fans it lost post the Note 7 issue as well as win new ones. To this end, the company has decided to open, for the first time ever, experience events for Galaxy S8 across South Korea prior to its global release on April 21st.

As the largest ever pre-sale event by Samsung, there will be 3000 stores pan South Korea where Galaxy S8 Experience Zone will be set up for interested buyers. These stores will be opened for public from April 1st, just two days after the unveiling of the premium smartphone in New York and London.

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There will also be a pre-launch event, organised by Samsung in association with three mobile telecommunication companies, scheduled for buyers on April 18th. Prior to that, for 11 days there will be a one-day trial event each day for potential buyers of S8 from April 7th to Aptil 17th.

In fact, hoardings with the phrase ‘COMING SOON GALAXY, 2017.4’ have already been spotted at Samsung Electronics Digital Plaza store in Seoul where one of the Experience Zones will be set up.

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This is Samsung’s maiden attempt at conducting experience event at such a large scale for pre-booking of a smartphone. At these events, the consumers will be able to get their hands-on a Galaxy S8 and experience its design, features and working prior to investing their money in the premium device.

Samsung, it seems, aims to catch the consumer’s attention with such events, in the face of stiff competition from the recently released LG’s flagship G6 smartphone. From the early revelations, we can at least say that Galaxy S8 has all it needs to beat any other flagship device. Yet, Samsung resorting to something like an experience event for consumers is a welcome change and if successful could set the trend for other companies to follow. If that really does happen, Samsung will not emerge as the sole winner, but consumers too will remain to gain from it.

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