Samsung to launch refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in Korea by June-end

Running high on confidence after the Galaxy S8 / S8+ success, Samsung is planning to bring back the Galaxy Note 7 in the market. In fact, its release might be just round the corner, as per a new report which states that Samsung is gearing up to launch refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea in June.

Priced at $620 (700,000 won) which is $250 cheaper than its original price of $870 (988,900 won), the Galaxy Note 7R will be officially unveiled in LG’s parent country by June end.

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ETNews reports:

The refurbished phablet – which could be called the Galaxy Note 7R – will be available through all major carriers in Korea: SKT, KT, and LG.

The news was somewhat anticipated as Galaxy Note 7R was recently spotted on WiFi Alliance revealing Samsung’s plans to bring it to the market much sooner than later. The refurbished Note 7 units will carry the same specifications as the original one except for two features — battery and software.

Past leaks have suggested that Galaxy Note 7R will include 3200mAH battery, which has been downgraded from 3500mAH as found in original ones. Also, the software on board the refurbished units will be upgraded to Nougat from Marshmallow. As of now, it is unclear in which markets, other than Korea, Samsung plans to release Galaxy Note 7R.

via Android Authority

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  1. I don’t think there wasn’t the need for the refurbished version but maybe its because there isn’t a previous generation to choose for the people who can’t wait till the Note 8’s undisclosed release date.Nice to see that Samsung is correcting their mistakes and continues to aid the consumer .

    1. But I think that Note 8 is just around the corner now (probably max 3-4 months from now, maybe) ! I guess people will prefer to wait for note 8, looking at the advancements in the S8, there’s a good chance that Note 8 is going to be a bomb (not the note 7 type bomb xD).

      1. Note 8 will most likely release only towards the end of 2017 maybe around September would be my best guess 😀 The rumoured specs are really good.Check out those renders 😀 they look gorgeous .Nice pun there btw XD

  2. Great!! two note devices this year, but given the Note7 fiasco I thought the price would be mush less this time of the refurbished models but this r just overpriced, I think people will rather move towards the new note devices or the S8 and S8+ rather than buying this Note…

  3. Prior to the battery issue, the Note 7 was rated as the best smartphone on the market last year. After the whole recall deal, Samsung was even offering iPhone 7 plus as replacements to people. With this, no doubt, samsung has changed the batteries and with bringing it back to the market, no doubt they want to brave it against the nightmares and ride the new momentum they got with S8. It may not bring them much financially, but it’s a pretty smart move.

  4. Vishnuvardhan Prem

    I think people will still go for it as there are a lot of note loyalists out there. And the note 7 was at the time hands down decided as the best phone then by a lot of reviewers.
    Samsung wanted a big bang with the note 7. Definitely got wayyy more than what they asked for.

  5. It would be great if Samsung released the Note 7(refurbished) in North America AND without a Locked Bootloader!!! Would go some way to make amends.

  6. Like I did say in one of the previous articles, this might be a move to clear old stock by the company. They doubtlessly invested a ton of money on all of the components and they were left unutilized because of one defective component. To undo some of those losses, it is only pragmatic for them to give it another shot with replaced batteries. But the price is really a lot for a refurbished device from last year and I really wish they would change that.

    1. Some people might actually go for it if they don’t like the S8’s design and scanner placement or simply can’t wait for the Note 8

      1. Yeah and besides 620$ is although a lot, it might be right in some people’s budget and they might opt for it and honestly its not a bad choice

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