Samsung to develop 1080p AMOLED display panels for its high-end smartphones

The latest trend of smartphones with FullHD 1080p displays is gaining momentum, with devices from HTC, Sony as well as Chinese manufacturer Oppo being either announced or in the works. Other manufacturers are bound to jump on to the 1080p bandwagon soon, and the earlier the better.

In all this time, the current leader in the Smartphones market, Samsung has been surprisingly quiet. After releasing the Nexus 10, which houses an eye-popping 2560 x 1600 UltraHD display, one would have thought that it wold also announce a new phone with a 1080p display. But nothing of note has been announced by Samsung so far.

The rumor mills are now abuzz with talks of Samsung getting ready to develop Full HD display panels for use in its smartphones. Unlike the Full HD LCD panels being used by HTC and the others though, Samsung wants to use its own proprietary AMOLED technology in the displays. FullHD AMOLED displays will allow for a pixel density as high as 440 PPI, which is super sharp.

However, there seems to be doubts whether Samsung will be able to incorporate its AMOLED tech into its FullHD displays in time. It is possible that Samsung may use FullHD LCD panels for some of the early products it plans to release in 2013, and then move on to AMOLED Full HD panels once it is ready.

Either ways, we are excited at the prospects of a 1080p phone coming out from Samsung next year. Could it be the Samsung Galaxy S4? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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