Samsung to present bloatware free Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Manufacturers as well as device carriers have time and again taken advantage of the extreme freedom Android offers to virtually stuff the devices they put for sale with software — that no one has asked for and — that benefits them one way or another. We have all had our lives made harder at least once by these so called “bloatwares” which not only take up the much needed space on our devices but also slow it down, and what’s more! they are often completely useless (take the NASCAR app for example), and can not be uninstalled unless you go to the trouble of rooting your device.

Well, Samsung Inc. in its recent drive for improvement on both the hardware and software fronts, has decided to make most of its custom software downloadable from GALAXY APPS, instead of pre-loading it on its upcoming flagship devices.

The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge for instance will have only a handful of preloaded applications at the time of shipping. The applications that we do know the flagships will have on board include the following:

  1.  S Voice
  2.  S Health
  3.   Facebook
  4.  WhatsApp (download link)
  5.   Microsoft One Drive
  6.   Microsoft One Note
  7.   Skype
  8.  All Google apps

We don’t really blame Samsung for deciding to leave these applications intact since most of them — with the possible exceptions of Microsoft apps and S voice — are useful one way or the other. While almost everyone uses Facebook and Whatsapp, GALAXY APP is needed to download Samsung’s premium applications. Similarly, S Health is useful for the heart-rate sensor on the device and to sync data from Samsung’s fitness trackers. The TouchWiz UI on the device will also undergo a few speed and design related modifications while essentially emulating the interface found on the Galaxy Note 4.

All in all, if you had been searching for a bloatware free — or at least as free as possible — device apart from the Nexus series, and were unwilling to install a custom ROM such as the CyanogenMod, your quest may just be nearing its end.

Source: SamMobile