Samsung Planning a USB LTE Modem – the ‘Overachiever’

Samsung just updated its U.S. domain with a  new product page, teasing about the upcoming USB LTE Internet modem with much faster data transfer speeds — possibly using the LTE and HSPA+ bandwidths. And the enthusiastic guys at Sammy are calling it an ‘Overachiever’. (Hold you laugh! Not only it might stand true to its name, but still). From the initial looks of it, it seems destined to U.S. only since the LTE branding has been used, and we guess it will soon — no launch ETA is available btw — make lives better of subscribers of Verizon, and possible AT&T, too.

So, who’s looking forward to it? Especially when your modern-day smartphone can act as a USB modem very well. And, is there really a need for an extra piece of plastic?

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Kapil Malani

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