Samsung Pay is releasing in Malaysia on February 24, 2017, Galaxy S7 Edge giveaway on offer too

Samsung Pay is finally heading to Malaysia on February 24th, before Samsung unveils their grand array of upcoming devices at MWC.

For those you who are unfamiliar with this, Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service and it uses NFC for wireless payment much like Android Pay. It only differs from Android Pay with the option of using MST or Magnetic Secure Transmission. Of course, banks will need to provided supported hardware to accept payments, but wireless payment is altogether convenient.

It has only been a week or so since Samsung started branching out its Pay service in Thailand and it now seems more likely to cover more of South East Asia. Samsung has set its eye on hitting big in the business with the inclusion of a lightweight Samsung Pay Mini app which is to run on lower end devices.

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The company even went so far as to try and launch Samsung Pay on Apple’s App Store. Obviously, Apple has it’s own Apple Pay service isn’t that naîve to let any competition enter the playground especially in a playground that it owns.