Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 and C9 2017 specs to include Snapdragon 660 processor?

There’s a rumor floating around that the Galaxy C series from Samsung may feature the upcoming Snapdragon 660 processor. If this were to truly happen, the Galaxy C7 and C9 would hold some serious horsepower. The news came about from popular leakster going by the Twitter handle of mmddj_china.

On the other hand you must be wondering how the Snapdragon 660 processor may be considered powerful, especially when the likes of the flagship Snapdragon 800 series rule the roost.

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The Snapdragon 600 series isn’t that far off in terms of power with Qualcomm making a few adjustments to make up for the reduced price of the chipset. What gives the upcoming Snapdragon 660 processor and its predecessors its supercharged status, is the presence of the more powerful A72 cores.

Now where’s the Galaxy C5 you ask? Well, considering that the C5 smartphones have stuck with processors below the Snapdragon 625 line, Samsung may not opt to use the upcoming Snapdragon 660 processor with the C5.

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That being said, the Galaxy C series is primarily aimed at power users looking for the extra drive to get through their workload, be it work related or heavy gaming.

Source: mmddj_china

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