Samsung Nougat update for Galaxy A7 2017 and A5 2017 coming soon

When Samsung Galaxy A7 and A5 2017 variant were launched this year, although specification wise devices were good, however, people were disappointed, since none of the devices had Android Nougat on them.

Thankfully, they will be upgraded to Nougat and won’t stay on Marshmallow forever. Umm. At the moment, we don’t know anything about Android O, whether they will be lucky enough to taste Android O. Right now be happy that you are getting Nougat.

Anyway, as previously reported, Nougat was being tested for Galaxy A7 2017. Today, both the devices have been spotted on the certification site Wi-Fi Alliance with Android 7 Nougat.

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This clearly indicates that the Nougat update for these two devices will be arriving very soon. Interestingly, many variants of both the devices have shown up on the Wi-Fi Alliance. Different variants usually mean devices from different regions.

Wi-Fi Alliance has certified the following variants of Galaxy A7 2017:

  • SM-A720F
  • SM-A720S
  • SM-A720S
  • SM-A720F/DS

Similarly, Wi-Fi Alliance has certified the following variants of Galaxy A5 2017:

  • SM-A520X
  • SM-A520F
  • SM-A520S
  • SM-A520K
  • SM-A520L
  • SM-A520W

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