Samsung Nexus 10, codename GT-P8110, goes all clear at Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hubs. Oct 29 launch looks clear

We already know that Google is likely to announce a new Samsung manufactured 10-inch tablet, codename Manta carrying model number GT-P8110, has been monikered by enthusiasts as the Nexus 10. Whether there will be a Galaxy tag attached to the name, or whether it will just go by the Nexus 10 name, as a progression of the Nexus 7 is still a mystery, which might unravel on October 29th, at Google’s much awaited event in NYC.

Word has it that the GT-P8110 has passed through the Bluetooth & WiFi certification tests and has got an all thumbs up on both counts.The GT-8110, as mentioned earlier, is the supposed model number for the upcoming Google Nexus 10-inch tablet, code-named Manta. BT certification data seems to indicate the presence of a 10.1 inch display and Android 4.2, which is also expected to debut on October 29th, on the upcoming LG Nexus 4 smartphone and the Samsung made Google Nexus 10. The GT-P811o is known to be WiFi only, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a 3G-enabled version in the near future.

Well, with October 29th fast approaching, the playground is wide open now. Let’s see what kinda rabbits Google pulls out of its hat this time.