More Google Nexus 10 Specs confirmed via a leaked manual

Nexus 10 Manual

One of the devices that Google is rumored to be unveiling at its October 29th event in NYC, is a Samsung manufactured 10-inch tablet, also known in the Android world as the Nexus 10. Whether that is indeed what it will eventually be known as, is something we will find out on the 29th.

Moving on to more immediate matters, pictures of what appear to be a Quick Start manual for the Nexus 10 have surfaced on Korean website Seeko. While there were a few benchmark results, which had led enthusiasts to dig deeper and tie in the data to a 10 inch tablet code-named Manta, that’s about all we had actually heard about the Samsung manufactured 10-inch tablet, till more information on some of its supposed specs were made available along with the alleged list of devices Google was to announce at its event.

With the recent Nexus X hoax, anything which has to do with images of secretive, to-be-released devices are being looked at with more than a healthy degree of suspicion. That said, there are only two images of this so-called manual, one showing the main cover of the manual, and the next one showing the typical Getting Started page.

Nexus 10 Getting Started

The first image does not offer much information except the name of the device – Nexus 10, which for all practical purposes, is a name that has not even been confirmed as yet.

The second image though, offers some insight, provided this is a genuine Nexus 10 manual, that Samsung has borrowed design and form factor elements from its recently launched Galaxy Note 10.1. The image shows rounded sides, which seem to a bit more rounded than the Galaxy Note 10.1 though. The guide page also shows sketches of side view, front view, back view and positioning of the various ports on the device.- A Micro-USB port and a Micro-HDMI port present on either side, along with the volume rocker, a power/orientation lock button, the charging port, standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, ambient light sensor and front-facing camera, rear camera lens and LED flash.

While we are still suspicious of these images, as they don’t really tell us anything that we don’t already know. But then, there is no sound reason to believe that these are fake either. It might have been a bit more exciting if there were actual pics of the device in question. But, you can’t have everything now, can you?


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