Check out how the Nexus X Hoax was conceived!

Remember the leaked pics of the so-called Sony Nexus X that were doing the rounds a few days ago, and were later disproved as fake. Unlike almost every fake however, it turns out that the creator of this entire drama has voluntarily come forward to tell the world his reasons for doing it. What is even more impressive, is that he has created an awesome infographic, through which he tells the story of how he created the Sony Nexus X.

The creator of the Nexus X, Ti Kawamoto is a Vermont-based graphic artist, who concocted this entire model, and the best part is that he reveals that he did not use any Photoshop at all! So much for all the photoshop experts out there who had so much to say. The imagined device was actually a complex 3d render created by combining elements from the current as well as upcoming Xperia designs, and actial Nexus devices.

Check out the neat infographic which tells you how the Nexus X was created. For Ti’s reasons and motivation for doing something like this which stirred up a storm in the online world, visit his blog Anatomy Of A Hoax

The Nexus X may have turned out to be a hoax, but it does tell us about the kind of time, dedication and effort that actually need to go into creating a great hoax. While we would very much like to see Sony producing a Nexus device in the near future, we would still like to say Kudos to Ti, for sharing this with everyone.  I guess, now that there is a guide for How to create a hoax, we might be seeing a few more new Nexus devices popping up  now and then, eh?