Samsung Moment to get Froyo Without Samsung’s Help!

After getting Android 2.1 (Éclair), we were also hoping for Froyo for the Samsung Moment but looks like Sammy is just not so interested after the debacle with Epic 4G for Android 2.2. Since it’s Android — and that we live with Internet — we always have ways to get what we want. This time it is the hacking community (again!) which has come out with a Froyo project for the Moment, called SDX Froyo M900, which has recently hit Release Candidate 1. They are just facing a minor problem though, with the GPS and once that is sorted out, you’ll get the lovely Froyo with all the goodness of Dalvik Cache that holds the power to speed your Moment by up to 5x times, apps2sd support and Froyo-specific apps (from the android market).

Via Engadget

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