Samsung may offer 90 days refund window for Galaxy S8 and S8+

Coming up with one marketing gimmick after another, at this rate Samsung is sure to throw itself leaps ahead of its¬†competitors in terms of product promotion. As per a new report, Samsung has plans to offer 90 days refund window for its upcoming flagship phone Galaxy S8 and S8+. And the cherry on the icing is the ‚Äėunconditional‚Äô tag attached with the refund policy, cites the report.

It was just yesterday when we came across Samsung’s attempt to set up Galaxy S8 experience event at 3000 stores across South Korea, its first ever such large scale promotional event for a product. And now the unconditional refund policy for Galaxy S8 and S8+ makes it hard for us to not notice the company’s dedication to consumer support during pre as well as post sales period.

Whatever it may be, such aggressive marketing strategy from an established brand like Samsung does raise questions. Answering these, the report attributes two reasons.

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The first reason being related to Galaxy S8 AI assistant Bixby. It is said that during the early days of the S8 launch Bixby will come with limited functions with support for only 10 pre-loaded Samsung apps. This, the company plans to upgrade with software update within the first half of this year. Thus, it seems Samsung fears that people might feel let down with this limited Bixby capability, and thus wants to gain the consumer trust by resorting to the refund policy.

Another reason cited by the source is Samsung’s attempt to show confidence in its own products. If Samsung shows a brave face and willingness to refund the money for a flagship product even after 3 months of use by a consumer, that too unconditionally, it apparently should have a psychological effect on the consumer’s mind. This Samsung wants to exploit to its own advantage. Also, if Samsung wants to build the trust base which it lost post the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, nothing can work better than the refund policy.

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However, as Samsung has not put any official stamp on this Galaxy S8 refund policy report, it would better to hold down our excitement and take this news with a grain of salt.

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