Samsung GT-I9300 Images Leaked — Probably Not the Galaxy S3

The rumors and leaks concerning the Galaxy S3 seem to be running out of hand, with something or the other related to it coming out almost every day. Just a day after the news that the Galaxy S3 might get released as early as April (which was liable to be believed as it came from the president of Samsung China), this time images of a Samsung phone with the model number GT-I9300 have been leaked.

The naming convention of Samsung’s previous flagship Galaxy phones: I9000 for the Galaxy S, I9100 for the S2, and the I9250 for the Galaxy Nexus, certainly makes it plausible that the Galaxy S3 would be dubbed the I9300. Now, before you get too excited about it, let me say that the images certain don’t look like this is the Galaxy S3. First and foremost, looking at the build of the phone, it certainly doesn’t look good enough to be the follow-up to two of the best-selling smartphones in the world, i.e the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S2, both of which were certainly better looking than the device pictured above. Also, the screen certainly doesn’t look like it’s an SAMOLED unit, which is certain to be the type of screen the Galaxy S3 will have, keeping in line with the previous Galaxy flagships.

Of course, as with all other rumors, we’ll taking this one with a pinch of salt as well, though it’s most probably not the Galaxy S3 but just another upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich based mid-range Galaxy device in the making. What do you think of the images? Too plain and simple to be true or possibly the next Samsung flagship you’re all waiting for? Do let us know in the comments.