Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG powered earphones leaked in pictures

Samsung’s 2017 flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, will not only inherit top of the class design, software and internal hardware, but it will also have something for users with musical ears as well. The Galaxy S8 will be shipped with a pair of AKG powered earphones in the box. This isn’t a surprising move as the company had officially declared about this during Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. But what makes the news catch our attention once again are a couple of leaked images showing the Galaxy S8 AKG earphones in real.

A leakster on Weibo uploaded the images showing the AKG headphones which will power Galaxy S8. The three images clearly show the headphone with the AKG brand name on the rear of ear-buds.

AKG, which is a brand under Harman International Industries, is a worldwide name in the field of headphones. Noticeably, Harman International Industries has been acquired by Samsung for an estimated $112 per share. Thus, it comes as no surprise at all that the Korean smartphone manufacturer is utilizing the audio expertise of the renowned acquired company to boost the performance of its upcoming premium smartphone S8.

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Powering the Galaxy S8 audio with AKG earphones will, undoubtedly, give it an edge over all other earlier Galaxy S series devices. Not only this, this move by Samsung should be a warning bell for other smartphone companies reaping the benefits thanks to their audio capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is lined up for a debut on March 29th in New York and London followed by a global release on April 21st. It is expected to come in three colors: Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver.

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