Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date and Specs rumored again

Samsung released the inimitable Galaxy S way back in 2010, with an even better Galaxy S2 in 2011, and then the Galaxy S3 earlier this year. The Korean tech giant also has the unique distinction of having three Nexus devices to its credit – the 2nd gen Nexus S from 2010, the Galaxy Nexus in 2011, and the Nexus 10 tablet, with a yet unmatched 2560 x 1600 Ultra HD display which was recently outed a week ago.

Nexus devices aside, one of the most awaited, speculated and highly market Samsung events, every year since the original Galaxy S I9000, has been the launch of a flagship device in its Galaxy lineup. No surprise there, considering the Galaxy S/S2/S3 are the devices which have practically skyrocketed Samsung to the top of the food chain.

Flagship Galaxy devices have always come out with cutting edge tech specs, and features, and have been pretty much future proofed. With 2013 almost upon is, it’s time again for a new Galaxy flagship, and numerically speaking, it would be the Samsung Galaxy S4. Rumor has it that Samsung might unveil its next-gen Galaxy device at the same time that the MWC happens in Feb 2013. It is still unclear whether Samsung intends to give the world a peep to its next big thing at a public event like the MWC, or whether it means to keep it a more private affair. Either ways, given the fact that its ggoing to be a major Galaxy S-device, it’s certainly not going to be a low-key affair.

With the announcement of new smartphones from HTC like the Droid DNA, and Chinese products like the Oppo Find 5 and the Meizu MX2, all packing serious hardware, Samsung has a lot more than just its own Galaxy S3 to surpass. The playground now, is truly open. Insider reports seem to indicate that Samsung is going to be packing some ridiculously high-end machinery into the Galaxy S4. And given what we’ve seen with the Nexus 10, we believe that completely.

For starters, its a no brainer that the display will definitley be a Full HD 1080p one, if not  higher. Sammy’s Super AMOLED+ HD tech behind a gorgeous 1080p display would be a joy to behold, and word has it that the display will pack in a whopping 441 pixels per inch density – how sharp is that? With a screen like that, the existing crop of the highest-end phone displays are likely to be no match.

Another rumored spec, is the inclusion of a 13MP camera. While that may be no novelty, Samsung has been known to flip the most non-novel specs to winning points on its devices with some clever high-tech features and add-ons – a more recent example being the Best Face feature on the Galaxy Note 2. As for the under-the-hood stuff, Samsung’s own Exynos Adonis chipset (Were you expecting anything else) is expected to debut with the S4. The Exynos Adonis is a quad-core ARM15 CPU clocked at 2 GHz, which is based on 28nm manufacturing technology that Sammy is perfecting at the moment. Seeing what the Exynos 4 and 5 could do, this is sure to break some benchmark records. And the 28nm process should give us some much needed power efficiency – read better battery life.

Other than these, we would definitely expect at least 2GB RAM to go with that block-rocking 2GHz CPU, a 5-inch OLED display seems to be in order, and a movement upwards from the standard 16GB internal storage to at least 32GB+. All of this is still speculation at t his point, but you can be dead sure that Samsung is going to  come up with a winning device which will have all of what has been mentioned above, if not more.

What kinda specs would you like to see in the Galaxy S4? Let us know in comments below


  1. It would be an amazing s4 with some specs we thought would have been on the s3 i just can not wait to beable to get this s4 wen it becomes available if it does come with these leaked rumoured specs.

  2. It would be an amazing s4 with some specs we thought would have been on the s3 i just can not wait to beable to get this s4 wen it becomes available if it does come with these leaked rumoured specs.

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