Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini official pics appear, confirms some specs too

Usually, it’s always the high-end devices that create all the buzz leading to a release, and this is probably the first time a “mini” device can be accorded the honor of literally stealing the thunder in a market that is currently swamped by big-name and bigger-specced devices which are on their way.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, needs no introduction, even though it is not officially released yet. After a string of leaked specs and pics, speculated features, and finally an unofficially official announcement today, a day before the official announcement and unveiling is scheduled to take place (and the day is not over yet), the Little Big Soldier continues to make waves.

The image above is an actual pic captured today which gives everyone a clearer idea of what the S3 Mini actually looks like in the flesh. Part of the spec sheet also happens to have gotten captured, and clearly confirms the presence of a 5 MP shooter, and a 1 GHz dual-core CPU, as reported earlier.

We must admit, that the resemblance in design to the mighty Galaxy S3 is striking, but a non-discerning eye could easily mistake it for a Galaxy S Duos. In any case, the real deal is just a few hours away, and Samsung would be happy with all the hype that has surrounded this midget-sized beauty in the days leading to its officially official announcement.