Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and HTC One X+ delayed in UK

Those of you in the UK, who were eagerly waiting to get your paws on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on November 2nd, or who have already pre-ordered one from Clove UK’s online store, are going to have to wait it out for a few more weeks, depending on which colour you ordered. Clove UK has been gracious and forthright enough to put out a delay notification on their blog, and the truth is that the delay is because of insufficient colour quantities.

The new arrival dates for the Galaxy S3 Mini have been revised to:

  • White – 8th November
  • Blue – 26th November.

So if you were thinking of or have already pre-ordered a blue one, you’re just going to have to cool it till the last week of November. If you’ve opted for the white one, what’s another week, eh?

Quoting Clove UK from their blog:

The first stock of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was reportedly due to arrive the early part of November. However it has today been confirmed that the first stock will now not be with us until later in the month.

Moving on to all the HTC fans in UK, who are rubbing their hands in glee, in anticipation of holding the HTC One X+ next week, we’ve got a not so good surprise for you too, although not as bad as the Blue Galaxy S3 Mini seekers out there.

Clove has also announced that the stock for the HTC One X+ has also been delayed by another week, and would be arriving on October 30th, instead of the originally scheduled date of October 22nd. Clove says:

We do apologise for this delay; but it is out of our hands and the situation remains the same for all resellers of the HTC One X +

Again, I can only say that this is disappointing, especially for the folks who have already paid and pre-ordered and now have to wait for at least another week. We will be keeping tabs on this for any other developments that may happen; who knows Clove might receive the stock a few days earlier than stated, and you’ll be the first to know if we come across anything interesting.