Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 Price dropped at T-Mobile along with other devices!

A leaked internal memo from T-Mobile could indicate that there are some big pricing changes underway for quite a few of the popular phones that are available with TMO, including the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you’ve not picked up a new phone yet from T-Mobile, have a look at the price drops on some of the major phones with TMO. This should help you make up your mind fast.

Holidays are coming up fast, and TMO seems to be all set to cash in on the gadget buying spree that’s about to unfold in a couple of weeks. So which one are you going to pick up? $249 is certainly a smashing deal  for a shiny new Galaxy Note 2. The LG Optimus L9 looks good too for that $49 tag. And f you don’t see something you like, there are price drops on many other phones as well.  Just walk into the nearest T-Mobile store tomorrow.