Samsung Galaxy S3 α is the Japanese Galaxy S3 LTE variant, launching this winter

The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, which was recently launched with a quad-core Exynos as well as 4G LTE support, may be coming to Japan as the Samsung Galaxy S3 α (Alpha) to NTT DoCoMo’s network in winter 2012, according to information received by Breaking Gadgets from one of their sources.

While the original LTE-enabled Galaxy S3 came with a dual-core processor like the US variants, the Galaxy S3 α will sport the quad-core Exynos processor and will also support tri-band LTE. The rest of the specs will be the same as the original Galaxy S3, though the software gets a bump to Android 4.1 and the RAM has been upgraded to 2GB.

The Galaxy S3 α will be available in the Sapphire Black and Titanium Gray colors according to Breaking Gadgets. No info on pricing or exact release dates are available yet, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this so stay tuned for more details.