Galaxy S25 May Get Faster Storage for AI-Powered Features

What to know

  • Samsung’s upgraded version of Universal Flash Storage might be integrated into Galaxy S25.
  • UFS 4.0 4-lane CS – the next UFS iteration – will boast speeds of up to 8GB/s. Future iterations may even take this up to 10GB/s.
  • The faster speeds are ideally suited to improve load times for Samsung’s on-device AI features.

Integrating AI-powered features into the device itself seems to be the path that most phone makers are betting on. Although it’s mostly reserved for premium phones, devices still have to have hardware capabilities that can serve the AI features. Most of the high-end hardware capabilities for AI focus on improving the chipset, and understandably so, since that is the brains of the device. But other components, like storage, make as much of an impact, especially in terms of speed.

Samsung is working on an upgraded version of its Universal Flash Storage 4.0, the latest phone storage technology, and making it twice as fast. The next iteration, dubbed UFS 4.0 4-lane CS, will be capable of reaching 8GB/s whereas the current technology only allows up to 4GB/s.

Even faster UFS storage can be expected with UFS 5.0 (Image: Weixin)

As per Samsung’s explainer, the faster sequential read speed is achieved by combining two of the current UFS controllers. The faster speeds are exactly what the on-device AI features will require to cut down on loading times.

But since the production of the new storage technology will begin in 2024, it won’t be before 2025 that the new UFS iteration is integrated into Samsung devices. And since it is the Galaxy S25 that will go into production this year, we might see UFS 4.0 4-lane storage integrated into it.

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