Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to launch on August 2 or 9 in New York

Galaxy Note 8

As the typical launch date of the Galaxy Note series nears, rumors about the expected release date of this year’s model, the Galaxy Note 9, are trickling in fast. We’ve heard before that Samsung could be planning an earlier than usual launch for the Note 9 for various reasons, but we haven’t set eyes on anything specific with respect to the date.

However, today, thanks to a report from ETnews, we have what could be the launch date of the Galaxy Note 9.

Apparently, it is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could see the light on either August 2 or August 9 at an event in New York. These two dates are a week apart and corroborate earlier reports that had the launch date pegged for early August.

As per rumors, the Galaxy Note 9 won’t be a huge departure from the Note 8, especially on matters of design. Significant changes will, however, happen on the inside, where the Snapdragon 835 used on the Note 8 will be replaced by a superior SDM 845. Even though we expect to see the same 6GB RAM module, the same tipster has previously hinted at a massive 8GB RAM variant, but this one could be a China exclusive model.

There has been some talk about 5G support for the Galaxy Note 9, but they seem a bit far-fetched at the moment.

Given that we still have several weeks between now and the rumored launch date, you can expect to see more of these leaks coming out, perhaps even others with different launch dates. Only time will tell.

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