[Leaked] Is this the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Galaxy Note 8

It’s not long ago that reports surfaced from Korea claiming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may see an earlier than usual launch due to the poor performance of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in various global markets. As if to back this claim, an alleged Galaxy Note 9 has already been spotted in benchmarks, giving us an early look at the specs to expect when the phone comes out.

In another occurrence, images alleged to be of the Galaxy Note 9 have surfaced online, trying to further justify the claim that the phone will be unveiled somewhere in July 2018. There’s no way we can guarantee that these images belong to the Note 9, but if indeed this is it, we could be looking at the first Sammy device with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

A lot has been said regarding this feature and when to expect it on a Samsung Galaxy phone. After failing to appear on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, many tech pundits were adamant that the Galaxy S9 would be the one to make in-display fingerprint scanning a mainstream feature. But as we all know, this did not materialize.

Now, as per the leaked Galaxy Note 9 images, there’s no fingerprint scanner on the back, implying that this feature could be hidden under the display screen. The dual-lens camera on the back, however, is there and it takes after the Galaxy S9+’s vertical setup with the LED flash on the side.

The front panel shows off a much bigger handset compared to the Galaxy S9 and when compared to the Galaxy Note 8, the speaker/earpiece grille on the upper bezel is much bigger, suggesting a bigger speaker could be on the cards. Even more visible is the reduced size of the top and bottom bezels, a design change that we expect to see on the Note 9 as Samsung pushes the bezel-less technology to the next level.

As you’d expect, the leaked Galaxy Note 9 is accompanied by an S Pen, but once again, we cannot verify the authenticity of these images. So, for now, you’d be better off taking this report with a grain of salt, but given the looming launch of the Note 9, expect more of these leaks – fake and real – to keep showing up.

What do you make of these Galaxy Note 9 images? Let us know in your comments below.

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