Samsung considering 5G for the Galaxy Note 9

Major telecommunications companies from around the world have already made their plans clear as regards the upcoming 5G connectivity standard, with some expected to fully roll out the network by the end of this year and others have 2019 in sight.

As you’d expect, it is now being reported that Samsung’s next big thing, the Galaxy Note 9, will support 5G connectivity. This report comes from Korea’s The Bell, which claims that the company is planning to switch from the traditional LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) as the main antenna for communication to the newer HRC (High Frequency Range) antenna needed for 5G’s high frequency transmission and reception.

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Due to the difficulty of transmitting and receiving high-frequency information through the LDS antenna, you won’t be seeing it in the latest smartphone models that are intended to work with 5G. Apple already made the switch to HRC-type antennas with last year’s iPhone lineup. If anything, it’s about time Samsung did so, too.


In addition to promising better internet speeds, the new HRC-type antenna will also help slim down the Galaxy Note 9 compared to the LDS method, but there’s no guarantee the Note 9 will be any slimmer, especially now that there’s talk of a massive 3850mAh battery unit.

Yes, you read that right! According to Ice Universe, a known tipster for Samsung Galaxy phones, the Note 9 will be equipped with a bigger battery than any of the previous models before it. Of course, the Galaxy S Active has always had a bigger battery, but with such a unit on the Note 9, it would take the phone’s battery life to the next level, especially since the 3300mAh unit on the Note 8 is still one of the best.

The tipster also talks of an in-display fingerprint scanner, something that has been long overdue on a Galaxy flagship phone.

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