Samsung Galaxy Fold set to release in September after numerous delays

After weathering a host of problems and suffering months of delays, Samsung has finally announced that the Galaxy Fold will launch in select markets in September.

Samsung’s most ambitious project yet, the Galaxy Fold, was initially meant to hit the shelves in April. Unfortunately, a bunch of severe issues with review units’ foldable displays forced the company to push back the release.

According to the press release, Samsung has made sure that the Infinity Flex Display maintains integrity after rigorous use and has reinforced the top and bottom of the hinge with newly added protection caps.

Additional metal layers have been added underneath the display to increase protection, and the space between the hinge and body of Galaxy Fold has also been reduced.

The company has claimed to be working on enriching the experience for users, optimizing more apps and services for Galaxy Fold’s unique foldable UX.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the exact release date, stating we’ll learn more in due time.

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