Galaxy C9 Pro Pie update: November 2018 patch now available for download

galaxy c9 pro nougat update

For all the latest Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro software update news, this page has everything you’d want to know Whether its something to do with minor Android security updates and bug fixes, major Android OS upgrades like Android Oreo and Android Pie, or even unofficial software updates related to the device, we have you covered.

The page may also provide download links to firmware files as well as a how-to guide for manually installing Samsung firmware on your C9 Pro.


Galaxy C9 Pro Android 9 Pie update

  • Not eligible for an update to Android 9 Pie
Model Current OS Android 9 Pie Expected Release Date
SM-C900F Android 8.0 Not eligible
SM-C900Y Android 8.0 Not eligible

Released in late 2016, the Galaxy C9 Pro doesn’t qualify for an official update to Android 9 Pie. The device has Android Marshmallow preinstalled and has already received two major OS upgrades – Nougat and most recently, Oreo. Given Samsung usually rolls out two major OS upgrades to its devices, we don’t expect a third upgrade for the C9 Pro.

Samsung One UI

Samsung won’t update the Galaxy C9 Pro to the new Android Pie-based One UI, but of course, there is a small chance that the developer community will try and bring this new skin along with unofficial Pie updates to the C9 Pro at some point, but there is no guarantee whatsoever.


Galaxy C9 Pro Oreo update

Model Launch OS Android 8.0 Expected Release Date
SM-C900F Android 6.0.1 Eligible Released on 19 September 2018
SM-C900Y Android 6.0.1 Eligible Released on 26 September 2018

Samsung seems to be giving the midrange Galaxy A and C series the same preferential treatment when it comes to major Android OS upgrades, where devices in these two families receive at least two OS upgrades. Well, this is what happened with the Galaxy C9 Pro, where the device got updates to Nougat and Oreo having launched with Marshmallow.

Galaxy C9 Pro update and firmware download

Model No. Date Update Download Link Android OS Changelog
SM-C900F 13 Nov 2018 C900FDDU1CRJ4 Android 8.0 November 2018 security patch
SM-C900F 19 Sep 2018 C900FDDU1CRI7 Android 8.0 Installs Android 8.0 Oreo update and August 2018 security patch
SM-C900F 03 May 2018 C900FDDU1BRD1 Android 7.1.1 April 2018 security patch
SM-C900F 08 Nov 2017 C900FDDU1BQK1 Android 7.1.1 Installs Android 7.1.1 Nougat and August 2017 security patch
SM-C900F 11 Jul 2017 C900FDDU1AQG3 Android 6.0.1 July 2017 security patch
SM-C900F 10 May 2017 C900FDDU1AQE3 Android 6.0.1 May 2017 security patch
SM-C900F 21 Apr 2017 C900FDDU1AQD7 Android 6.0.1 April 2017 security patch
SM-C900F 28 Mar 2017 C900FDDU1AQC5 Android 6.0.1 April 2017 security patch
SM-C900F 07 Feb 2017 C900FDDU1AQB3 Android 6.0.1 February 2017 security patch
SM-C900F 03 Feb 2017 C900FDDU1AQB2 Android 6.0.1 February 2017 security patch
SM-C900F 21 Jan 2017 C900FDDU1AQAB Android 6.0.1 January 2017 security patch

How to install Galaxy C9 firmware

Well, check out the model no. of your Galaxy C9 first, and then download the latest firmware available above for your exact model no. Next, install the downloaded firmware using our Odin Samsung firmware installation guide here.

Let us know in comments if you need any help with this.

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