Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, C7 Pro and C5 Pro get Play Store in China as newer firmware adds official support for GMS

The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, C7 Pro and the C5 Pro will soon get the Google Play Store and support for Google Mobile Services (GMS) in China. This will arrive as part of a new software update.

The new builds with support for GMS and pre-installed Play Store aren’t rolling out yet, but we already have the build numbers. The update for the C5 Pro carries the build number C5010ZCU1AQC4, the C7 Pro gets build C7010ZCU1AQC4, and the C9 Pro build number is C9000ZCU1AQC4.

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If you’re in China, and have received any of these new software updates on your Galaxy C9 Pro, C7 Pro or C5 Pro, then do update and enjoy GMS. For those who don’t know, the Google Mobile Services consists of apps such as Google Maps, GMail, Hangouts, Google Drive, Photos, Play Music, and more.

With the availability of Google Play Store, users in China would get access to millions of apps, books, movies, etc. We’re not sure if the updates have already started to roll-out or if they are yet to, nevertheless, the support for GMS and pre-installed Play Store app is confirmed.

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