Samsung Galaxy Buds update adds an extra touch control option and enhanced Bixby support

Samsung Galaxy Buds problems

If you’re in the market for wireless earphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are really one of the best options to choose from. But one thing has always been in the mind of users, and that is lack of touch control options on the wireless buds. Samsung has released an update for the earbuds on the Galaxy Wearables Store, and it might bring an extra option to the table.

Previously, users were able to long press on the earbuds and that would toggle an action like the ‘Quick Ambient Sound’ which would lower the music volume and let background sounds in through the mic. It is a useful feature when you’re out somewhere and want to have a quick word with someone, like buying something from a grocery store.

The extra option that has been added is a complete ‘Ambient Sound’ option which will toggle background sounds completely on and off with a long press.

In addition, users can now also control the long press to fire up Bixby and ask for the battery level, change the equalizer setting, and lock the touchpad. We’re not sure if you’re pleased to hear that!

A bug that caused the call end sound to duplicate has also been fixed with this update.