Samsung Galaxy 2 in the Works, Yet Another Android 2.3 Android Phone Apart from Nexus S

samsung galaxy 2 eldar murtazin tweet

You’ve already heard too much and too many about the Samsung’s upcoming Google phone, called the Nexus S, but guess what, it’s not the only hardware in the Sammy’s workshop receiving the Android 2.3 treatment. While Nexus S is rumored to sport a stock Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread in its totally pure form i.e. no customizations, just a Google experience phone — it leaves the Samsung’s custom UI TouchViz (that you find atop Galaxy S and other Samsung android phones) very alone and void of latest Android OS, a real cause behind the inception of Galaxy 2 phone in Sammy’s exec minds, eh!

Samsung Galaxy 2 rumors came into highlight when a very popular source of leaks/rumors, Eldar Murtazin tweeted about it – making it second android 2.3 phone from Samsung. Eldar is quite known in the android world for his very very early sightings of phones and software, and that he is totally trusted too. So, that leaves us very much confirmed that the Galaxy 2, or whatever its name be upon launch, is indeed real. This is your Galaxy S2 guys — code i9100, totally in line for Galaxy S i9000’s to-be sequel.

Check out the pic at the top, a shot of Eldar’s tweet about playing with two phones — SE Anju and the Galaxy 2 (both rumored to be android 2.3 gingerbread). He is quick to point out the Samsung’s baby is ‘so technically advanced’ with a clue ‘Dual Core etc’. While it would be a very distant guess that it will sport the latest unveiled Samsung Orion dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, we have heard the same combo of android 2.3 and dual core processor for Nexus S too, so maybe (or surely?) Galaxy 2 is twin to Nexus S, but with Samsung’s own custom UI Touchviz atop of gingerbread, just like HTC created Desire after producing a stock android 2.1 phone, Nexus one for Google.

Maybe the Galaxy 2 might get a new name and other few treatments, but we can wager that it will be a kin to Samsung Nexus S, both featuring android 2.3 Gingerbread and rumored Dual Core processor as the striking features. We could only wait for more specs and all that stuff, but expect it to hit us sometime later this month or anyway before Christmas, by which time we should have more details about the Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Gaming android phone and the Anzu, also called as X12/Bravia phone.

If you are still thinking what’s the need of Galaxy 2, it being very similar to Nexus S, except for the Samsung’s custom UI, Touchviz, just think of it as a habit of the phone manufacturers to showcase their custom UI atop the android OS, much for their mere amusement. Custom UI (whether from Samsung, HTC or Motorola) carry with themselves a known-for-image of slowing the best of the android phones down and worse, knowledgeable users hate them very badly for that — but that doesn’t stop our fav android handset makers stop and give users demand a thought. Or maybe, a stock phone is the result of that thought only, too bad they just can’t drop the phone with their custom UI, rather choose to add another without custom UI. Crazy times, shall we say!

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