Samsung Nexus Prime is in fact the Droid Prime – Headed to Verizon. Will Be First Android 4.0 Device Running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Well that clears lots of things. First up, those disappointed by the lack of Galaxy S 2 variant for the big red, Verizon Wireless, and thinking the world is over, have something to throw a party about — a high spec phone from Samsung is in plans at Verizon, called the Droid Prime (known earlier as Nexus Prime) — which is of course only if we believe the rumors of the moment. And btw, it’s slated for October release — you know why, to compete with iPhone 5, which is cool, and required too.

Well, it feels right too. If you combine all the factors — the rumors — the non-availability of Galaxy S 2 at Verizon, super phone Nexus Prime in the making, upcoming launch of Ice Cream Sandwich (that is, Android 4.0), competitor phone required for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, etc. there was needed a master-blaster phone to put Android on front for the upcoming great challenge.

And, Nexus Prime was the device chosen. Rumors has it that the Prime will have Super AMOLED HD Display with resolution of 1280 x 720, at least 1.5 GHZ dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 4,5 inch screen, etc all of which makes Prime a perfect android device for this year. And Verizon’s very large customer base is a good ground to play battle on, too.

So, we feel that a convert of Nexus Prime to Droid Prime is absolutely right — this should be a big thing, really. And looking at the spec-sheet being whispered so hotly, it’s definitely one better than even the Galaxy S 2 — the world’s best android phone right now — so the Galaxy S 2 wannabes at Verizon have something to smile upon, only that they would need to wait a bit longer than other carrier’s offering to get their hands on one of the finest device world’s gonna see, soon.

The only thing which we aren’t liking so much is that, whether the convert from Nexus Prime to Droid prime is gonna hurt buying intentions of those who were looking for a pure Google experience phone — which is offered under Nexus series, by Google. If it was a Nexus device, the fastest and timely updates, directly from Google, were almost a guarantee. But if it’s Droid Prime, Samsung might get tempted to install its TouchWiz 4.0 over it — which isn’t a bad thing either — but that’s not the pure Google experience, one which is without any custom UIs over it; and one, which many many people want.

But there could be simple agreement between the parties over here — Samsung, Google and Verizon. That is, this Samsung device will be void of the company’s TouchWiz custom UI, thus making it a pure Google experience phone with stock Android 4.0 installed, and that Google takes the responsibility to update it as if it was a Nexus device. Seems reasonable, considering they wanna target iPhone 5, which is rumored for multiple carrier launches. Right?

BTW, we wished, and heard rumors of it too, that the Prime was planned for multiple carrier launch world over, including US, too — so, let’s wait and see whether this happens in the Droid Prime scenario, although chances are now less.

What’s your view, share with us in comments below.

Via Droid-Life

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