Samsung ClorOLED display promises a lot!

Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays are no doubt one of the best displays in action on smartphones and tablets today, with enhanced contrast and deep blacks. However, the use of the PenTile matrix in these displays has always been a criticized aspect as it lowers perceived resolution thanks to the lower number of sub-pixels per pixel, which results in visibly grainy text and icons when the displays are looked at closely, even in displays of high resolutions, compared to other displays, which use the standard RGB matrix (which Samsung did use on the SAMOLED display on the Galaxy S2).

However, according to a tip received by Phone Arena, Samsung may be working on a new “ClorOLED” display that will apparently provide a pixel density of 358ppi on a 5.8″ display with an odd resolution of 1024×980 pixels, using the standard RGB matrix instead of a PenTile one!

When calculated, the aforementioned resolution and screen size come up to a 244ppi density. But according to the tipster, Samsung is apparently using an RGB matrix with 16 subpixels, compared to the 12 subpixels in the RGB SAMOLED in the Galaxy S2, which will be the reason for such a high pixel density despite the screen size and resolution!

A Super AMOLED displays with an RGB matrix and such a high pixel density will no doubt make it a stunner of a display and up the ante in displays once again. With an expected time frame of June 2013 for mass production, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung introduces with their next flagship phone. Whatever the case may be though, bring it on Samsung!