09/09/11 – Is this the Official Release Date of Samsung Attain (Galaxy S2 for Sprint)?

Samsung kinda told us this, in pretty odd and interesting fashion. The maker of galaxy series of smartphone, all based on your beloved Android OS, released a video reminding us all how popular Galaxy S2 is worldwide. But the video (given below) wasn’t just all about it, it was meant to remind one more thing — that it’s coming to U.S. soon, and to spice it up further, Sammy put a clue at the end of the video.

While the video features the international version of Galaxy S2 i9100, one with a physical button in the center region below the screen, at the very end of the video there’s a still image (one at the very top here) featuring S2, but it’s a bit different from one that was running throughout the video. It has 4 led buttons, which is common for U.S. specific variants of galaxy devices.

Moreover, the weather widget on the phone further hints towards the fact that this one with 4 touch based LED buttons, and very slightly rounder at the corner than international version, is indeed headed to Sprint — the clue being the location mentioned in the widget, the Kansas City, where Sprint’s HQ happens to be. Now, that cannot be just coincidence, right?

Further, the clock widget has the date set to 09/09 Friday, which is what next 09/09 (in 2011, of course) is.

So, all in all, Samsung just hinted that Sprint’s Galaxy S2, which the Sprint users for sure and users in America are waiting for, might be released on 9th September, 2011. We expect this device to be a Sprint’s best-seller for this year, and given the headlines S2’s been grabbing worldwide, this doesn’t seem to be a big task. As for the name, we’ve heard and seen Samsung Attain quite a few times now, eh!

That would also make Sprint the first carrier to make S2 available in U.S. — which is a cool thing, given the amount of time carriers in U.S. have wasted in launching the world’s best android phone. Let’s hope guys at Verizon and AT&T are burning their midnight oil too to bring this beast to our friends in U.S. as soon as possible now.

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