S-Off Coming Soon to HTC Vivid, Sensation with HBoots1.23 and 1.27, Amaze 4G and myTouch 4G Slide

The Android development scene for HTC Android phones is pretty big, with quite a lot of custom ROMs and hacks available for many HTC devices. However, whenever a new HTC phone comes out, you can’t straightaway start flashing custom ROMs away as each device that comes out first needs to be made S-Off. Now, for those who don’t know, S-Off is the process of unlocking the NAND/system part of HTC Android devices, that lets you make changes to the otherwise inaccessible system areas of the device. S-Off also lets you flash unsigned firmware and files.

Now, four HTC devices, the Vivid, Sensation (and XE), Amaze 4G and the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide are getting a new S-Off method called Juopunutbear S-OFF, thanks to a collaborative project taken up by some developers over at XDA Developers. The project has just started and is currently undergoing internal testing, and the developers are also looking for beta testers to help them test the S-Off method.

So if you are interested in getting further details on the project (though details are pretty scarce right now), head on over to the official Vivid, Sensation, Amaze 4G or the myTouch 4G Slide threads on XDA, according to whichever device you may own. If you feel you can help in beta testing, do let the developers know so the project can move ahead faster. Do let us know your thoughts on the S-Off project in the comments below.