Rumor: HTC One Wear is Round and Matallic. Just What You wanted from HTC, right?

The latest rumor to circulate the Internet today is about the HTC smartwatch based on Android Wear, looks set to be suitable named: HTC One Wear. And we just heard, it’s gonna be round, and made up of metal and polycarbonate: the stuff HTC flagships of the past are made of, since the HTC One X.

And that’s what we had hoped for from HTC, the maker of best looking devices for past 2-3 years in HTC One X, One M7 and One M8.

While we are still quite hooked up for Moto 360, the HTC One Wear is just as exciting given the company’s penchant for design, looks and support.

The rumor comes from uncertain parts of Taiwan, and for the first time, we’ve heard anything this good about the HTC smartwatch. The traditional portrait rectangle sizes of the Samsung Gear watches are not exciting at all, so a shift to round smartwatches since the announcement of Android Wear OS is just what we needed, and seeing all major companies follow the suit is only welcome.

As regards name, the HTC One branding given to the watch looks practical. HTC has set the name of its device on HTC One; look at HTC One M8, HTC One Mini and Mini 2 and even the HTC One Vogue Edition (E8) with plastic body. We know, we know, Verizon is calling its HTC One Mini 2 a HTC Remix, but the HTC One Wear is not going to be a Verizon or any other carrier exclusive, so no worries about the carrier influencing the cool name HTC One Wear is.

Have a look at HTC Wear’s OS, Android Wear as Introduced by Google


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