Root Vivid, Install Custom CWM Recovery and Remove Carrier IQ Too

XDA member dandv has written an an all-in-one guide, which makes life a whole lot easier for HTC Vivid users who want to root the device. Another unique feature of this tool is that it works without an external sd card. Plus, it does 3 things: lets you gain a permanent root, installs a custom recovery or Clockworkmod Recovery, and lets you remove the Carrier IQ too!!!

Pretty nifty, isn’t it? So if you have not rooted your Vivid yet, this is an excellent opportunity to do it with ease via this AIO guide.

If you are an HTC Vivid user and looking for a cool guide to root your Vivid, and install Clockworkmod Recovery, you should visit the original development thread to get detailed usage guide & commands, and to read about what other users have to say about this tool. This should serve you well enough. If you still need help, do let us know in comments below.