How to Root Sprint Note 5 N920P

Based on the auto-root kernel developed by Manh_IT for the T-Mobile Note 5 Root, we now have a kernel to root Sprint Note 5 as well, and reportedly, it’s working flawlessly for the folks who have so far rooted their N920P Note 5 variant.

The auto-kernel for Sprint Note 5 goes by the same name Noble Kernel and follows the similar process like T-Mobile Note 5, which is to flash the kernel first via Odin, then reboot phone, and then finally install SuperSU app from play store.

If you care about warranty though, then rooting your Sprint Note 5 with a custom kernel will probably hurt as it’ll trip the KNOX counter on your device. However, there’s no alternative knox-safe rooting method known yet, so this is your only option to get root on your Note 5.

Also, if you trip the KNOX counter on your Sprint Note 5, you’ll never be able to use Samsung Pay on your device. Make sure you’re okay with that because there’s no turning back once you’ve tripped the KNOX counter.

That said, rooting is pretty fun and probably worth losing the Samsung Pay thing. Let’s get started..


Download Noble Kernel with auto-root for N920P (.tar)

Download SuperSU (.apk)

Flash Noble kernel with auto-root on your Sprint Note 5 using Odin. For step-by-step instructions, follow the link below:

How to Install a Custom Kernel using Odin

Important: Once you’ve flashed the custom kernel to your Note 5, download the SuperSU app from Play Store OR grab the SuperSU .apk file from the download link above and install it like you’d install any other .apk file on your device.

To verify root access, download a root checker app from the Play Store.

Happy Androiding!

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