Rihanna gives away a custom built HTC One X+ to one lucky fan in Toronto!

You’ve got to hand it to HTC this time for a really unique marketing trick. HTC has tied up with star performer Rihanna, who is currently on the road with her 777 tour. The 777 indicates seven concerts, in seven cities, on seven days. Quite a cool concept for a live tour, I must say.

HTC is promoting the entire event heavily, and every night Rihanna gives away a custom Rihanna-branded HTC One X+ to a lucky fan in the audience. Rihanna, calls the HTC One X, the next level s**t, coz nobody even has it yet. As you can see from the pic above, the back of the One X+ bears the distinctive R logo from her best-selling album Unapologetic. 

Seven custom-branded HTC One X+ phones given away in seven cities. The last one she gave away was at a gig in Toronto, and we have this short video clip here which catches Rihanna introducing the newest HTC star to the audience. Wonder how much a Rihanna branded One X+ will go for in an eBay auction. The HTC One X+ has started being made available in the U.S today, through AT&T for $200 with a two year commitment.

In Canada, Telus is expected to carry the HTC One X+, but no word yet on availability or pricing. While you wait for this beast of a device to land, check out Rihanna in action at Toronto, giving away the HTC One X+.

[youtube video_id=”VDPwAkSvkfI” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]