Report: OnePlus 7 won’t support 5G, a special OnePlus phone will

At the launch event of OnePlus 6T, OnePlus confirmed it had already tried and tested the new 5G connectivity and that it will be among the first to launch a smartphone supporting this network in early 2019.

At the time, we believed that the OnePlus 7 was the device in question, but it’s now emerging that it isn’t. Apparently, the company is lining up a special 5G edition that will take care of this and if the CNET report is to be believed even further, this 5G OnePlus device will be part of an expanded smartphone portfolio that the company is working on.

Yes, apparently, OnePlus has plans to expand its offering from two devices a year, perhaps in an effort to chase after the likes of Oppo and Vivo, all of which are part of the larger BBK Electronics family and have a wider coverage thanks to the many devices they sell in various price segments.

As for the launch date, the report pegs it at MWC 2019, which would make it the company’s first MWC event to attend.

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