Redmi Note 4 in Blue released by Xiaomi, available as 64GB variant only

Is Blue the new black? Or Gold? After Google blew our minds with the Really Blue Pixel sets, even though it wasn’t the first one as that honor goes to Honor 8 whose 8-layer Blue glass back is nothing short of amazing, it looks like other OEMs are following the trend too.

We were expecting a Blue color of the Gionee S9 already, but it now looks like Xiaomi is jumping into the scene too, as we just cam across a Redmi Note 4 painted in Blue at an online retailer site in China.

And yes, it looks equally cool. While Honor 8’s Blue is made of glass, the metal-back featuring Note 4 looks equally good in shade of very-slightly purple-ish Blue color. The Blue color is exclusive to 64GB variant only, BTW, and thus costs 1199 yuan.

If you were planning to buy a Redmi 4 handset, would you definitely go for the Blue color, or the traditional colors (Silver, Gold and Gray) would still seal the deal for you?

Buy Blue Redmi Note 4 (Xiaomi Store link)

More photos of Redmi Note 4 in Blur color.

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